3 Responses to “Instant Analysis: Brown Out!”

  1. hot nikkels says:

    With his injury history does he vanish into fantasy wasteland?

  2. Dlf_JeffH says:

    Very well could. A dubious start that will be tough to return from.

  3. Chris R. says:

    Ugh, this news hurts. Hardesty had looked really good thus far and was looking to be a feature back, unfortunately the injury issues never got past him. Hardest and Tate down for the season before week 1 has many dynasty teams hurting right now. I really liked him, but only drafted him in 1, ironically had Tate in the same league and really felt I was going to be turning around a bad team in need of some youth.

    I wouldn’t drop Hardesty but I doubt he would be worth anything long term, he has way too many knee injuries to bounce back from.

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