One Response to “Battered Ram”

  1. Chris R. says:

    Geez, this guy was the 1st WR taken that year over Desean Jackson, and a pretty high rookie pick for dynasty owners. He did flash a ton of big play ability as a rookie though that had people excited about him as a sophmore, unfortunately he never reached that level some felt he could. I drafted him in a few leagues myself but he could never stay healthy enough to build on those flashes.

    I like Gibson the most out of the bunch. He was on my sleeper list as he had the best week out of every WR during the Senior Bowl when he came into the draft, looked very polished, I’ve followed him since then. I still think this team is full of #2 and #3 WR’s, maybe you can stash 1 now and move him after a few big games but none of these guys are reliable targets.

    Until they draft AJ Green next season 1 of those guys will be a decent play on bye weeks, but longterm there is nothing on that roster at all to be excited about. Even Robinson at his very best is not a legit #1 WR but could be a nice compliment to AJ Green(as I don’t see anyway they are good enough to miss out on him, nor do I think they can go any other way except WR).

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