5 Responses to “2010 Predictions”

  1. Keith Tworek says:

    2010 Fantasy MVP – Patrick Willis

    It’s not as clear as a lot may think. And I am going to go in a different direction on this one. Since there are no restrictions on fantasy MVP I’m saying if you play in an IDP, Patrick Willis will be the fantasy MVP. The 49ers defensive is just getting better every year and Willis isn’t slowing down.

    2010 Fantasy Rookie of the Year – Ryan Matthews

    I want to say Best but I think it will be Matthews. The guy isn’t as talented as Best but he landed on a very good team and he is a solid runner and has decent hands.

    2010 Fantasy Comeback Player of the Year – Marques Colston

    Colston had a solid year last year, but not dominating. I think this year he is close to top 5 numbers and a dominating force each week.

    The Year’s Biggest Drop – Steven Jackson

    Ok, the guy is an absolute beast. But he has basically had to do it on his own since he entered the league. Rookie QB, shaky o-line, no real receiving threats and that equals another year of 8 in the box and Jackson getting hit way too many times. Sure they looked good in that 3rd pre-season game but it was just that. And starters or not everyone knows the game doesn’t count and I don’t think play as hard.

    The Year’s Biggest Rise – Shonn Greene

    This kid can play. He is a physical RB on a physical running team. Defensive minded Ryan likes to run the ball and they have assembled arguable the best running line in the game. Don’t let LT scare you away. He is a change of pace and pass catching RB that wont even be a factor next year.

    2011 First Rounder – Ryan Matthews

    Being drafted outside of round one this year but the kid can play and could be a top 5 pick next year.

    Old News – Randy Moss

    Along with his age being against him, there are a lot of very talented young WRs ready to take his spot in the top 12. Re-drafts he keeps his value but in a dynasty he will take a big hit.

  2. Eric says:

    Man does Arian Foster look good or what? So glad I picked him up last year and hung on to him. I do not think it is far fetched to say not only does he rise but I see him as a first round pick next year. The talent is there, the offense is stellar and there is no one to push him!

  3. Chris R. says:

    Arian Foster is gonna be the story of this fantasy season. The earlier your draft was the better value you got on him, which is why I like to have my drafts out of the way well before hand. He’s got the looks of a stud out there now, and can very easily perform like a RB1 this season.

  4. They can have him. I’m not even a Pats fan(I’m a NYG fan) and even I know this guy is just injury prone. Did he ever make it through a whole season?? Just askin. I dont think the Pats are going to miss him THAT much. IMHO

  5. Sensei_John_Kreese says:

    Looks like i wasn’t the only one who was very high on Arian Foster back in 2010 :)

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