One Response to “Major Headache”

  1. Chris R. says:

    The Sidney Rice injury could be the thing you needed to move Harvin in dynasty leagues. He could really start the season on fire, and honestly finish it that way too playing more outside WR sets and could become their #1 WR.

    I think he could put up pro bowl type numbers if Favre can still sling it, and then it would be time to move him. I own him in 1 league also, and don’t know what to make of him. I’ve shopped him but so far I only get declined trades and counters for WR’s who are older, or don’t nearly have the same type of potential.

    I would almost rather keep him around with his potential and hope the headaches get better. He would be the first player I ever heard of retiring due to headaches, and he’s played football for a long time before now.

    He’s too good to move for just some picks, next year I think he can do something similiar to 70/1100/8, he’s got a frame similiar to Steve Smith(Car) and is extremely talented and explosive while extremely young, it’s hard to find a decent offer for a guy like that. I can’t really say I’d prefer Crabtree or even Nicks over him if it weren’t for the headaches, so I just don’t want to overreact and get burned.

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