One Response to “Favre from Done”

  1. Kevin says:

    I posted the following to my league’s message board under the Title:
    “Tired of hearing about Brett Favre?”

    Tough #%&$! Favre is a living *&%#ing legend, and if he wants you to hear about him, you will. Here are some recent headlines from “Favre-Watch” reporters, “Favre arrives in Minneapolis,”
    “Favre Takes Team Physical,”
    “Favre Practices,”
    “Favre Takes a $*%^”
    “Favre rewrites rules about how much legendary players need training camp”
    “Favre resurrects Minnesota from certain mundanity.”
    “Favre Finds and destroys Usama Bin Laden with his “Rocket” Arm.”

    Sick of Favre? Hate him for leaving the Packers? Sick of all the attention he’s getting? Jealous that he got the $50million reward for smoking Bin Laden? Anxious to hear what his $&%^ was like?
    Deal with it.
    He’s going to play until he literally dies on the field, and besides, the packers are better off with Rodgers, and Brett is better off dealing with a team that allows, and contributes to this circus environment.

    Expletives have been altered to protect the innocent.

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