3 Responses to “A Trio of Deep Sleeper Running Backs”

  1. highballers says:

    Great stuff! This is why DLF is the becoming the premier site for all things dynasty.

  2. eaglesfan says:

    Now there is talk about James Starks going on IR so Porter may get his shot after all.

  3. Chris R. says:

    Love it. Huggins is my guy though, I put in waiver claims on him in all my fleaflicker dynasty leagues(we have blind bidding 100$ budget and claims each week which is nice). I am thinking about upping the claim a bit higher, but it’s funny because since they aren’t processed until Wednesday I’m hoping that he doesn’t really do too well.

    I like him alot better then your other choices for obvious reasons, Caddy is constantly hurt, and Ward isn’t much of a threat and getting older. He could get a shot to really take over and keep the job longterm if he does well. As you said he won’t be under the radar long. I don’t know if I’ll look into Moore because of Charles being so young and the premeire guy, maybe Porter because Starks may hit IR(who I did love), thinking about going after Starks for a bargain price now.

    Gotta admit though, I REALLY wish you guys had thrown a mention of Shawnbrey McNeal. I think he has alot more value then the last 2 guys and has a pretty good shot at some longterm value. I hear he could take over the role Sproles has right now next year, and rack up alot of receptions next to Mathews. I’ve picked him up in a few leagues already.

    I also like Ryan Torain/Keiland Williams as I think 1 guy will be worth some value.

    I appreciate the article though, had no clue who Porter and Moore were so I like that I can learn about new players coming here. Our rosters are really deep, 1 league is as deep as 34 players, so deep sleepers as these are easily rosterable.

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