32 Responses to “Follow the Dynasty Experts League Draft”

  1. Mark says:

    Fitz the 4th WR off the board? Wow…

  2. Meineymoe says:

    Forte and Slaton!

    oh, wait, this isn’t last year….. ;-p


  3. Ken says:

    DLF has just made a trade. We moved 3.12 (#36 overall) and our #1 in next year’s rookie draft for 2.03 (#15 overall).

  4. Mark says:

    Moving a future unknown and a 3rd round pick for the 15th overall pick…brilliant! Sounds like my draft/trade strategy.

  5. Joe says:

    That was a really nice trade!

  6. meineymoe says:

    great picks! and good trade..

    SJax continues to tumble….. interesting….


  7. Phish Brigade says:

    Wow! 3rd round and SJax is still on the board. Almost unbelievable. Makes me feel better about trading him away a couple of weeks ago.

  8. veggie says:

    would love to get in a league like this….

  9. Rob says:

    Why are people so short sighted in dynasty drafts.. how in gods name do you take randy moss ahead of desean jackson wtf?

  10. Coach says:

    Firstoff, great site! We are entering the 4th year of our dynasty league and unfortunately I just found this site now! I was looking at the trades being made and thought this would be a good place to ask for input on a questionable trade in our league. The team with the second pick in our rookie draft heard others were proposing trades for the 1st pick (which was traded to our 2nd place team in a prior trade) so they offered AP straight up for the pick, which was obviously accepted. Most members of our league contacted our commish to veto, but the response has been that we have not vetoed any other trades so we can’t start now. Should we accept this response or is this trade too unreasonable to just let go?

  11. DLF Jeff H says:

    Hey Coach … thanks for stopping in and we’re glad to have you … later is better than never in our book. You’ll find a lot of great help on the forum. I really believe we have the best dynasty coaches on the net. And I’m partial to our website as well. :) Welcome again.


  12. ekassor says:

    Really nice trade you made, particularly considering this year is a redraft and you get a known and valuable commodity while trading away speculation.

  13. willypohill says:

    To Coach:

    As Jeff said, it’s better to start doing it now when it is necessary rather than claim there is no precedence for it. AP should be taken in the top 4 of any draft there is, be it dynasty, redraft, keeper, PPR, whatever. That trade has to be overruled.

  14. Meineymoe says:

    towards the end of the 4th round, and I’m liking what KeeperLeagueGM team is doing – MJD and SJax as RBs, Roddy at WR, and the first IDP, Willis of course. And great trades for them as well – they don’t give up too much to move up, and make great deals when moving down.

    They may be the DLFs team toughest competition right now!


  15. andy says:

    I don’t know about your wide receiving corps. Welker’s coming off a torn ACL. Boldin is always battling an injury of some kind. Thomas is a total unknown; he could be the next Brandon Marshall or Chad Jackson. I guess with three wideouts in the first seven picks I’d rather have more sure things.

  16. Chad says:

    I would assume they would take another WR in their next round b/c all three WRs that they have now have/are injuried. Taking a vet would make the most sense to me. Good Luck!

  17. Coach says:

    WR is definitely the way to go. They can’t go too old as the top 2 are already 29. I would say there are a few young guys out there still with a lot of upside that can fill the void until Welker returns (I assume he comes back after their bye, and assume he will then become the steal of this draft since he is a ppr stud) and if/when Boldin is nicked up a little and out.

  18. Chris R says:

    I appreciate you updating this with who each team picked and the trades, this is being posted on rotoworld and ffxtreme but this is the most indepth.

    I disagree on your WR’s though. Edelman needs to be on your radar ASAP so Welker doesn’t burn you, Boldin is always hurt, and honestly why not take the risk, trade back and land Hakeem Nicks? He’s only going up from this point, and I honestly don’t see Boldin out producing him by at least a tier at seasons end. Not only that, but after this season how many elite seasons does Boldin have left? Nicks has 7 at minimum and he’s a budding star.

    Being dynasty I don’t mind taking risk on up and comers instead of older injured vets like Welker and Boldin. Nothing wrong with risking Thomas so soon, it’s a dynasty and you have to take those kind of risk to hit it big, if he ends up a WR1 it’s a steal for your team so I’ll take those risk all day.

    I just really didn’t like Boldin over Nicks, especially considering I would of taken advantage of that as a prime position to trade back and recoup some of the picks you traded being aggressive earlier, find some trde back spots and you will make out even in some sense.

    I also liked your trades, but I found out in doing alot of inaugural(sp?) dynasty drafts people don’t mind giving up future 1st rounders, I’d be trying to finish this thing with 3-4….Next year is a stocked draft, if you can find a way to move down here and there, gamble on some youth who may end up elite very soon, it would be worth it.

    I agree with the dude about some of the people overlooking age, Randy Moss over Desean Jackson? And these guys are the experts? Desean will give you the same production as Moss next year, and the Moss owner will be trying to draft a replacement as soon as 2011. I want my core of my dynasty to be in tact for at least 5 years with strong production, so any rookie picks the next future years are extra, as soon as you start trying to rely on rookie picks to step in for your team asap you end up in the cellar of these type of leagues.

  19. Rob says:

    Yeah to be honest I dont really like the Boldin pick at all. Players like Anquan will literally fall off a cliff production wise in a few years. I would also rather have the youth and upside of a Hakeem Nicks. Overall I think alot of these guys are really under rating youth and upside in general. In my opinion alot of these “experts” are really dropping the ball with this draft.

  20. Ryan says:

    I think what a lot of the experts are trying to do is win now, and it is a smart startegy for some.

    In terms of Moss over Desean Jackson, many people feel that Jackson’s production will go down this year and last year was his high point. Not saying I agree or disagree with tha but their is some thoguht behind these picks.

  21. Meineymoe says:

    I think getting Reggie Bush, McFadden and Lynch where you did was genius. They all fell that far for obvious reasons, but also still have potential to break out eventually – if just one of them does, great! And if they tease, they will always be good for trade fodder.

    You’re right about holding off on a QB – Rodgers is an automatic start 16 weeks – you can always find a capable backup in a 12 team league.


  22. kriskapsner says:

    I really like grabbing Aaron Rodgers and stocking up on high end RB talent. Getting a top 5 TE is key as well.

    The only position I don’t like yet is WR for you guys. I would have taken Nicks over Boldin for sure. Taking the chance on Welker isn’t bad, though perhaps a tad early. If he bounces back it’s great value though. The other WR picks I like alright.

    I know who I’d start looking at next at WR, but I don’t want to give anything away to any “spies” should they be lurking. :)

    I like your team overall though. Well done.

  23. On the WRs, there was a lot of talk about Nicks, but after doing what we did, we need established veteran presence in the form of guaranteed touches and points. The WR position is the easiest to add after the draft, either via trade, free agency or careful waiver wire priority use. Nicks has a chance to be a great player, but we just couldn’t start our WR additions with too much risk. Demaryius Thomas is a nice young player but unproven, Britt looks the part but is young and unproven, Welker is a stud but coming off of injury. WRs like Boldin and Housh secure our WRs and with our RBs and QBs, we have the ability to work on our WRs over the next couple of years. Aging WRs that still score well in this system always fall and are always available from rebuilding teams.

  24. kriskapsner says:

    I like how your team ended up. You’ll need a back up TE at some point. But, you have a solid team from top to bottom. And, you have enough youth at all positions to remain competitive in both the short and long term.

    Well done.

  25. M-Cat says:

    You guys should have email notifications sent when replies are made on here.

  26. Chris R says:


    I agree with your point on the WR’s, makes sense, I guess I just don’t agree with some of the choices made.

    Back to Nicks/Boldin for that first pick.

    Nicks posted nearly 800 yards, 6 TD’s, 47 catches as a rookie, keep in mind he was sharing that role with Smith and Manningham so he wasn’t truly “the guy” like they’ll let him be next season. Is it really that hard to estimate 1200 yards and double digit TD’s? I don’t think so, and when he reaches that type of production you’ll probably wish you had just taken him and secured your WR position for alot longer, he’s not as big of a risk as it may seem.

    Funny thing is Boldin started in more games and only had 4 TD’s, with 1000 yards, that’s not even taking into consideration the age gap between the two, and how Boldin is hurt nearly every single season. Your almost taking just as big of a risk with Boldin there and being a dynasty you need to replace that production through trade or the draft which is right back to the crap shoot.

    Welker is an ok gamble, but I’m sure you guys know how long it takes to get back to 100%, longer then a year at times. Edelman jumped right in and did just as well as a rookie so they’ll want to get younger eventually, so I don’t know how many more elite seasons he has left.

    Now with Housh I just didn’t understand at all.

    He hasn’t cracked 1000 yards in the past 2 seasons, he totaled 7 TD’s the past 2 years combined, and yet a year older and slower, what about that makes it sound so secure to you guys? I guess it’s just a difference of opinion, I’m looking at high upside picks like Steve Breaston who is going to beat that production as a #2 beside Fitz, or Mike Williams from Tampa Bay, who while he’s a rookie could become a star studded #1 WR who Tampa is in love with already.

    What upside does Housh give you? You can get guys like him anywhere, Patrick Crayton, James Jones, no difference, but I’m not taking a guy with a cap of 900 yards and 3 scores over rolling the dice on a Mike Williams who could be a force to your WR core. If your ever forced to start Housh your probably in trouble I’d suspect.

    Again, I agree with your explanation, but that’s why there are 12 owners in the league, people see things differently. I just did a few dynasties the first year, and too quick I see guys getting old, passing up young talent in favor of guys who are well past their prime. I’d rather just stock up on young, developing, rookies, guys like Austin and Rice a year or 2 ago, and stash them, vs play it safe with old vets.

    I definately still think you’ve put yourself in a good position to be competitive and I thank you guys for updating this so in depth, it’s a big help and a great read.

  27. levi says:

    i really cant believe that charles went that high. i dont think i would take him until at least the third round. i think that team set themselves back big time. i dont even think pure upside puts him that high.

  28. Chad says:

    Erik Coleman should be your next pick 😉

  29. M-Cat says:

    Did someone say DeSean Jackson reached his high point last season? After 62 catches? In a passing offense? Going into his third season? Young and not yet reached his prime? Hasn’t fully learned the west coast offense yet? Yeah good analysis.

  30. Nate says:

    Wow, fantasy sharks have assembled a great team! 3 Nice QBs, lotta youth, some sleepers. Loving it!

  31. joe says:

    How did Derrick Morgan and Sean Weatherspoon both go undrafted in a 40 round dynasty draft???

  32. dlfkenk says:

    They were actually both taken in the draft. The full rosters aren’t listed, just click the link at the top of the article and you’ll find the entire draft.


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