One Response to “Summer Sleeper – Brandon Tate”

  1. Chris R. says:

    I love it. Tate is a huge sleeper of mine and your dead on saying he was better then Nicks at UNC which he was. I missed out on him in most dynasty drafts last year because I felt I could get him cheaper in a year which it’s about that time.

    He’s far more explosive then Taylor Price, and if he can get healthy he really has potential to be a huge sleeper. Granted, I don’t know that he’s a better sleeper option short term or longterm then Julian Edelman due to how much that slot WR gets looks but I’m trying to trade for him in every single league none the less.

    His value should be alot higher next year, and there is a big chance Randy Moss doesn’t return and Tate would be looked upon like a #1 WR.

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