8 Responses to “Strategic Rankings Unveiled”

  1. Thane says:

    It about time someone does this type of ranking! I’ve acutally suggested it on a few sites, but received no response. I have been following your website for a few years now and really value your content… Only there wasn’t enough of it. I’d check back a few times every year and there would be nothing new. Is your plan to keep this busy year round now… or most of the year round? I always have liked your overall rookie rankings and overall rookie draft order and I think Haverlack’s WR analysis – maybe that is Kelly’s. I don’t remember. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ken Kelly says:

    We’re committed to keeping this site fresh ALL the time now and it’s not an empty promise – we just made a huge upgrade that allows the writers to post directly. Expect this type of constant updating from this point forward.

    What we need from you is your recommitted support!

  3. …or until our fingers fall off. With the new format though, as Ken pointed out, we can basically think/type out loud write here on the site and you get to see what we’re thinking without having to jump through many hoops to get our thoughts posted.

    Glad you’re liking it!

  4. Phish Brigade says:

    Great job fellas! Loving all the articles. And with these rankings, this site’s awesomeness factor just blew up!

  5. BradyT says:

    London Fletcher at #22 for competing teams?? seems a bit low to me…

  6. dlfkenk says:

    The move to a 3-4 is is simply not great for London Fletcher’s value…

  7. Dirty Hairy says:

    Regarding the DB rebuilding list, I wouldn’t even include the geezers Charles Woodson (#19), Darren Sharper (#29), Antoine Winfield (#34), and Brian Dawkins (#36) given their current age and expected lack of productivity in 3 years.

  8. Broncoman24 says:

    Really like the website guys, but just notice that the last time the RBs were updated was in August. Any chance their will be an update soon. Thanks!

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